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About Isabel King

Isabel King is a professional off-road cyclist from California who likes to push herself to new limits on the bike and inspire others to attack challenges with a smile. You can spot Isabel lining up for the LifeTime Grand Prix races in her signature orange kits, proving that fast is fun and friendly.


Isabel “Iz” King didn’t have a traditional path to becoming a professional off-road cyclist. While sports were always a cornerstone of her life, she opted for the finance world and MBA’s. King began her athletic career at Columbia University, playing D1 soccer. She finished her college career as the team’s captain, first-time all-Ivy League honors, and the Ali Ahern MVP award. With all those accolades and momentum, it would surprise many to learn she swapped that all in for the trading floor—that is, the equity trading floor with UBS. 


She found her way back to sports and discovered her love of endurance athletics the summer before attending business school at UCLA Anderson. She signed up for a triathlon and began training while getting her MBA, eventually qualifying to compete as a pro triathlete in her third 70.3 Ironman race. The lure of cycling was too strong, and Isabel tabled her plans for post-grad work and decided to begin competing as a professional triathlete. However, after 2020 reared its ugly head, she was inspired to reimagine her athletic career. She decided to put her training to good use and raise money for UCLA healthcare workers. Additionally, she partnered with Reggie Miller and began speaking out against social injustice.


These days, you can spot Iz in her signature orange kits—training hard on the roads of California and lining up for the LifeTime Grand Prix gravel and mountain bike races—always with a big smile on her face, proving that fast is fun and friendly.

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